The Centre

Alexandra Bachzetsis, Tarryn Gill + Pilar Mata Dupont, Jess Olivieri + Hayley Forward with the Parachutes for Ladies, Ali Kazma, Liz Magic Laser, Katy B Plummer, Khaled Sabsabi, Tony Schwensen, Dominik Jałowiński + Piotr Wysocki + Hissy Fit

A suburban maze of recreation, sweat and the pong of after-school-sport nostalgia, infiltrated by choreographic artworks about the community and the individual (team players and ball hogs, if you will) and the tensions between them—on the fringe of the city, a short walk from the Festival Hub.

Longnecks and half-time snacks available at the kiosk.

Curated by Emma Pike and Pippa Mott

Image: Beast Trinity (video still), 2019, Katy B Plummer

Courtesy of the artist

Opening Tuesday 14 January, 68pm
Wednesday 15 + Thursday 16 January, 48pm
Friday 17Sunday 19 January, 11am8pm