Tasdance + Stompin



Two Launnie dance ensembles join forces for the first time, like, ever, for this made-for-Mofo premiere. It’s about power and control—literally, because you, the audience, get to control the dancers as they move through pools of light in the dark.

World Premiere


Artistic Directors: Adam Wheeler and Caitlin Comerford

Producers: Ali Copley and Mary Shannon

Dancers: Kyall Shanks, Amber McCartney, Jenni Large, Olivia McPherson and the Stompin Ensemble

Lighting Designer / Production Manager: Chris Jackson

Composer: Anna Whitaker

Costume Designer: Ingrid Reynolds


Stompin is supported by Launceston Airport

Saturday 18 January, 68pm
Sunday 19 January, 24pm
Included in Festival Pass $89–$139 + booking fee
Included in relevant day pass $29–$69 + booking fee