MESS + Soma Lumia

Hypnos Cave


Jump in a boat and plunge into an imagined, psychedelic dream world. MESS and Soma Lumia have reimagined the Dark Ride: local landmark Penny Royal’s waterborne adventure through the darkest, kookiest recesses of convict Tasmania—transformed by artists with laser beams, hypnotic video art, lights galore and a specially commissioned, out-of-this-world synth-soundtrack. It’s inspired by stories of the afterlife in Greek mythology, where the dead would drink from the river Lethe—which flowed through the cave of Hypnos, the god of sleep—to forget their past lives and thus find paradise.

World Premiere



Robin Fox

Katerina Stathis

Mads Davey

Rachael Kim


Soma Lumia:

Darryl Rogers

Troy Merritt

Ashley Bird

Jessica Dorloff


Presented in partnership with Penny Royal Adventures

Wednesday 15Sunday 19 January, 10am7pm
Penny Royal, Bridge Road
$13 per person
Group bookings: $10 per person for groups of four or more
Under 2s free
Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult
Door sales available

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