Slovenia’s industrial pop pioneers and political provocateurs were the first ‘outsider’ rock band to be invited into North Korea and perform in Pyongyang. Now they’re coming to Launceston to take on The Sound of Music—and a few of their favourite things (sorry, sorry) from their back catalogue, reaching back to 1980—with experimental flair and boundary-smashing gusto.

Laibach will also perform at My Favourite Things. They’ll then storm the Annexe Theatre all Sunday to unleash a couple of up-close-and-personal experimental performances, and deliver a talk on the revolutionary history of the band.

Main Set
Saturday 18 January, 8.3010pm
Experimental Sets
Sunday 19 January, 33.45pm + 6.457.30pm
Artist Talk
Sunday 19 January, 4.306pm
Included in Festival Pass $89–$139 + booking fee
Included in relevant day pass $29–$69 + booking fee